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Kayda Insurance Services, Inc., located in Macon, Georgia, specializes in group and individual major medical coverage, as well as disability, life, Medicare supplement and dental insurance.

With 30 years experience in the insurance business, David A. Giammetta is an expert in his field. He can assist you in finding just the right plan to suit your needs. Mr. Giammetta has represented over 20 insurance companies and offers one of the widest selections of health insurance in the Middle Georgia area. With such a wide variety of plans from which to choose, Mr. Giammetta can "tailor make" a program to suit the needs of families and individuals.

"One example of our services," says David, "is if one or both parents have group coverage, it is sometimes very expensive to add family coverage to that benefit. But we can actually lower your costs with just the right plan made to suit your particular family. We can also offer an interim major medical policy for temporary coverage if you are between jobs or insurance plans."

Mr. Giammetta has qualified for conventions every year since entering the insurance business, based on production and the quality of services offered to his customers. In 1989, he was named one of the Top Five agents and was appointed to the Chairman's Club Inner Circle and the Leaders Club. In 1992, he was named runner-up as Agent of the Year for Central States Health and Life Insurance Companies of Omaha. In 1998, David was again named to the Leaders Club.

Also assisting David at Kayda Insurance Services is , who has been working with David for 10 years.

Kayda Insurance can provide for your special needs in the area of health or life insurance. Kayda offers a wide selection of health and life coverage designed to meet the needs of all their clients, giving the client the most coverage for the least premium dollar. They now carry all top quality recognized companies.


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